The expansion of cryptocurrencies

December 15, 2017 1 By admin

One of the first and most popular cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, was created around 2009. Since then
many other cryptocurrencies have been introduced to the market, and currently, there are hundreds
of them. This is a result of investments profits, earned through the trade in cryptocurrencies.

What is a cryptocurrency?

In a nutshell, a cryptocurrency is a digital asset, stored on the computer or in the application, which
can be accessed only by its owner. It may be used to effect on-line transactions, because the owner
may use it for electronic payments, which can be settled without any bank system, and therefore it is
not supervised by any entity or person. Each cryptocurrency has a unique code, which prevents it
from being copied or spent again.
The value of the first cryptocurrency, bitcoin, has been significantly increasing throughout the years.
In November 2017 its worth reached 8,100 dollars and the subsequent records are being broken on a
regular basis.


The main advantage of cryptocurrency is that its use is associated with a great degree of freedom.
What does it mean? First of all, the transactions which are concluded using cryptocurrencies occur
only between the cryptocurrency owner and business partner, they are not regulated or controlled.
A bailiff will never come and seize the online currency, so we can be sure it is safe with us. All these
features make it very attractive.

Where to buy online currency?

The best option is to buy the cryptocurrency from brokers operating on the market. After the
purchase, we receive it in the form of digital coins or tokens. Later on, we can exchange online
currencies and make money on them, which basically involves buying them at the occasional price and
then selling when their price goes up.

Currently, the demand for online currency is higher than its supply, so more and more brokers
introduce this type of currency into their portfolio of products. They are also seeking for liquidity for crypto. However, not many of them are able
to provide their customers with full-featured online currency trading. Due to high demand and
volatility of the cryptocurrency market, which is a result of the possibility to earn hundreds or even
thousands percent in short time, brokers lack liquidity. However, there is a light in the tunnel, since
more and more trading platforms offer crypto liquidity for brokers, which will allow their customers
to have bigger access to virtual coins.